What's the Big deal about a NOSSK Suspension Fitness Bodyweight Trainer anyway?

No matter what your age or fitness level, you can take your workout up a notch, and finally get the results you have been looking for with a NOSSK Trainer. Challenge yourself, improve your strength, stamina, condition and balance. 

The NOSSK Trainer will give you a full body workout and give you the fast results you have been looking for. Set up takes literally seconds, so you will be up and running in no time. With your NOSSK Trainer you will see fast, long lasting results - Guaranteed.

Following are a list of 10 reasons why the NOSSK Trainer is such a big deal, and the best choice:

1.Affordable compared to most other similar Trainers or other types of Fitness Equipment, since you only need one piece of equipment to work out the entire body

2.Built to last - made with superior quality materials

3.Convenient, portable and practical, since it is so lightweight

4.Builds strength, flexibility, balance, stability and coordination quickly

5.Great way to freshen up your existing fitness routine

6.Offers Total Body Conditioning - works muscles you might not even know you have -:)

7.Challenges you and offers quick results

8.You only need to use your body and gravity for them to work

9.Simple and easy set up unlike some of the bulky workout equipment out there

10.NO cheap imported knock-off here - Proudly made by NOSSK, a California USA Company!

If you have ever been curious about suspended bodyweight fitness, definitely pick this up - it will most likely quickly become your favorite piece of fitness equipment. If you're seeking pure honest quality a NOSSK Bodyweight Suspension Fitness Trainer is the choice for you

With NOSSK, there is No Glitz, No Hype – just quality fitness equipment to get you up and running for fast, lasting fitness results.