Rubber Handles for 1.5in Suspension Fitness Trainers


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Replacement Rubber Sleeve Grips for 1.5in wide Trainers, with foot loops.

This is a set of 2 handles.

The cord is 3/8in thick.

FYI: These grips will not work on 1in Trainers as the cam buckle can not be depressed due to the thick cord

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Rubber handles
Written by Lou Lopez on May 4th 2021

These handles are hands down the best I've used which is not a surprise being as all Nossk trainers are second to none.

Good Stuff
Written by Jim on Apr 24th 2019

I have several products from the old days & the new & recently bought these handles. I am completely satisfied with everything I ever purchased. It is all perfectly finished & the best quality. You cannot get a better piece of gear for the price, any where! It is the best.

Great replacement handles
Written by Chuck on Jul 6th 2018

These handles are the perfect replacement or upgrade to any trainer. The rubber grip has a solid firm texture that are great for larger hands. After ordering the first set, I placed a second order with a request to get a set with a longer, thinner attachment rope for the Prusik knot used on the Pulley and Rope trainer. Wolfgang called me personally to confirm the request and the team at NOSSK shipped them the next day. Great customer service for a great product.