About Us

We believe that First Class health and fitness equipment should be accessible to all. We are passionate about manufacturing the Highest Quality Suspension Body Weight Fitness Trainers at the most affordable prices so that anyone desiring to keep their bodies fit and strong will be able to do so and not be hindered by having to purchase unaffordable, and often overpriced pieces of equipment.

It is our goal to enable people around the world, from every walk of life, with access to the Highest Quality Fitness Trainers at affordable options. Very important to our goal is the lofty vision to manufacture our First-Class equipment right here in the USA, using USA workers, and using (whenever possible) USA made materials and parts. So, we proudly manufacture the Highest Quality products at the most affordable prices right here in the USA.

Join us in the revolution to make fitness accessible to all, using First Class Trainers manufactured right here in the USA. We are Happy to be able to help you achieve your fitness goals!