RT-17 ROPE Bodyweight Fitness Trainer

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VERSATILE/USE ANYWHERE – Extremely versatile & Fully Adjustable. Comes with 17ft of US Rope, 2 durable Foam Handles, 1-1/2" wide Foot Loops & separate Door Anchor Strap so you can use it anywhere – at home, hotel, gym or anywhere outside where you can attach it to something sturdy.

BUILT TO LAST – Perfect for the most extreme environments – made with no metal parts to rust or jam from mud, sand or snow. No Cam buckles sliding over your arms! Ingenious Prusik knot, allows easy length adjustments – just slide the knot up/down the rope.

PREMIUM QUALITY– This Trainers is made with the Highest Quality Materials. Looking for a simple Trainer that holds up to the most extreme environments, then the RT 17 Trainer is what you’re looking for.

GET STARTED RIGHT AWAY  Full-Color Install Instructions and a Full-Color Double Sided 18 Exercise Full Body Quick Start Guide (to get you started right away) are also included along with a Drawstring Bag to store your Trainer between workouts or when on the road.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – No wasted money for shiny boxes, no DVDs to collect dust. Just what you need - First Class Suspension Fitness Gear.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE from NOSSK, Inc. – a California, USA company – 1 YEAR WARRANTY!

Product Reviews

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Great Product
Written by Drew on May 16th 2024

I love this product for its simplicity, versatility, and durability. I have been using my rope trainer weekly for nearly 4 years and it is still in fantastic shape. I recently purchased a second rope trainer to keep in my car for impromptu workouts and travel. As a physical therapist, this is the suspension trainer I recommend.

RT -17
Written by Brian Woodard on Mar 18th 2023

What an awesome, simple and well constructed design! I’m simply blown away by this product! I will definitely be purchasing more of these as gifts for friends and family! Thanks NOSSK!

RT-17 rope trainer
Written by Steve Scaggs on May 30th 2022

I bought the RT-17 for a trip to Europe. So far, I have used it in Amsterdam and Prague. I plan to use it in Germany as well. Great workout and very simple to set up and use. Packs to a small bag that is also included. Great workout product!

Great, ergonomic, easy to set up, versatile, low price, solid
Written by Matthias Schulz on May 17th 2022

Great, ergonomic, easy to set up, versatile, low price, solid I do rows with it. I got the recommendation from RedDeltaProject. It's good stuff!

Written by Jeremy Parker on Jan 8th 2021

Fantastic product, quality materials and great price!

Great Product, great price
Written by Colby Tate on Dec 1st 2020

After researching different Rope Bodyweight Fitness systems, I chose the RT-17 to get started. It is a great system that performs everything I need. I have used it daily for the last month and it has held up great. I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone that is wanting to start using a rope system in their workouts.

Written by Adam Hernandez on Sep 13th 2020

Great product at a great price. Very versatile and most importantly, easy to set up. I thought gymnastic rings were easy to set up until I tried the RT-17; no comparison! Super sturdy. The knots are so simple to do and they hold in place.

NOSSK RT-17 ROPE Bodyweight Fitness Trainer Review
Written by Tok Jun Xin on Jul 22nd 2020

I would say that this RT-17 ROPE Bodyweight Fitness Trainer is the one of the greatest fitness tool invention created by NOSSK in the modern 21th century. This RT-17 ROPE Bodyweight Fitness Trainer is a hybrid suspension trainer that can be used to perform bodyweight excercises on the gymnastic rings and the conventional Suspension Trainer, which makes it versatile. Also, this RT-17 ROPE Bodyweight fitness trainer is lighter than gymnastic rings and conventional suspension trainer. The handles are easily to adjust and it is fast and easy to mount the rope on tree branches and bar looking structures, much easier and faster than setting up the gyumnastic rings and the conventional suspension trainer. This fitness product is truly a game changer. However, i think the RT-17 ROPE Bodyweight Fitness Trainer can be improved in terms of its length, i think the rope length should be somewhat longer so that the rope can be more easily hung on branches of taller trees and bars on taller structures. Although the RT-17 ROPE Bodyweight looks and feels awesome, i find that the rope would stretch a bit longer and the handles would sink when i applied force while doing bodyweight excercises, and i had to readjust the handles higher up to my preferred height position on the rope, i find it to be a little cumbersome.... Overall the RT-17 Rope trainer is very sturdy and good quality yet affordable.

Nossk RT-17 Review
Written by Lon Zo on Jun 16th 2020

Love it. You absolutely cannot beat the price, and it’s just as good as WAY more expensive TRX-type of equipment.

Written by Tommy Nguyen on Jun 4th 2020

Have had these for almost a month now and I’m loving this suspension system. Whether at home or at a park, the quality and versatility of the product is just awesome. I have full confidence when using these and thoroughly enjoy the ease of set-up/use as well. Would highly recommend. Got my girlfriend a set of her own and she’s a big fan too!

RT-17 Rope trainer
Written by Bob Johnson on Jun 3rd 2020

After doing my research, I decided on the Nossk RT-17 Rope trainer simply because of how simple it looked as well as how good it was made. Let me say, this product is Fantastic! First off, the pictures don't do it justice on how well this is made. The material is top notch, from the handle, foot straps to the rope itself! Absolutely no worries of holding up under stress as well as wear and tear. 100% confidence with this product. Using the rope trainer was easy to get used to and you can adjust the intensity of your workout just by moving your feet or moving the handles up or down the rope...super easy! You can feel this working your muscles differently than lifting weights or resistance bands, It is a solid workout! You can find plenty of suspension training videos to use this with as well as a substitution to resistance bands while doing P90x. For the quality and price you are getting with this product, you can't beat it!

RT-17 Nossk Bodyweight Trainer
Written by Darryl Brooks on May 27th 2020

The simplicity of design and installation is top notch. The variety of movements possible with this device is almost endless and it fits perfectly in my tiny basement gym. Well done!

Written by ed whitmore on May 8th 2020

ive been using the rt 17 for a few weeks now one word FANTASTIC!!!! you have a gym you can take anywhere. And the price you cant beat it. Great job NOSSK!

great trainer
Written by Jason on Apr 28th 2020

The rope trainer is very well made, easy to adjust the prusick knots. I have this in addition to the famous competitor. This is a great trainer for the money. The seatbelt-type foot loops are comfy and the ropes provide the minimal amount of 'arm rub'. And this showed up from across the country in about 4 days during the height of the 'apocalypse'. Don't wait 6 or 8 weeks for the famous one, order this instead.

Rope trainer
Written by Ken on Apr 24th 2020

I purchased your rope trainer about 3 wweks ago. I can't tell you how happy I am with this device! I'm getting a great workout, the device is sturdy and safe. Thanks much for a great product!

Another great Nossk product
Written by RYAN PINGO on Sep 14th 2019

Nossk makes great products at a fair price. Been using their suspension trainers for awhile and the quality is just as good or better than $200+ products. I bought the rope trainer to bring on backpacking trips. It's lightweight, strong, simple and does what it's made to do. I highly recommend Nossk. They also have great customer service.

RT-17 Rope Trainer
Written by Chuck Unvericht on Jun 4th 2018

I travel frequently and bring the rope trainer with me on every trip. It is compact, rock solid, has no metal parts and works great on hotel doors when you ensure the deadbolt is securely locked. I do use an old handle with footstrap as the door anchor for better weight distribution and less impact on the door frame. This rope trainer is the best deal out there, I highly recommend it.