NOSSK TWIN PRO Suspension Bodyweight Fitness Strap Trainer

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  • MANUFACTURED IN THE USA – EXTRA DURABLE – Using US and global components. Made with 1st Grade US Military Webbing and other professional grade components. The Straps lay flat on your arms – very comfortable. This PRO Trainer comes Standard with extra strong and comfortable (Latex Free) Rubber Sleeve Grips with soft, non-marring and non-scratching Foot Loops. No hardware that will scratch your shoes, or your hands or feet.

  • VERSATILITY: Use the Trainer indoors or outdoors – attaches in seconds to most fixtures such as a door, bar at the gym or tree in the park – even use it on a vertical post! – securely. Two separate Straps allow a narrow or wide Strap set-up - perfect for dips etc. The height of the Grips are easily adjusted with the 2 Cam Buckles. Trainer is up to 8ft long and for people up to 400lbs.

  • PROTECTION – Using the soft loops on the webbing of the Trainer will not rub when used on say a bar. Use the included carabiners for split seconds set-up. The integrated Door Anchors are light-weight and non-intrusive, yet allow you to use your Trainer on a door without additional hardware - it will not indent the door by the plastic portion of oversized and intrusive door anchors of other models

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Each Trainer is made in-house right here in California, USA. No wasted money for shiny boxes, no DVDs to collect dust. Just what you need - First Class Fitness Suspension Strap Gear. Reach us at the touch of button with any questions. Comes with 2-sided full color EXERCISE SHEET so you can workout as soon as you get it - indoors or outdoors. LOSE WEIGHT, TONE MUSCLES, IMPROVE STRENGTH AND FLEXIBILITY Quickly and Easily!

  • FOR BEGINNER to EXPERT. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE from NOSSK, Inc. – a California, USA company. Thousands of NOSSK Trainers sold to schools, exercise studios, gyms and individuals globally! Buy with CONFIDENCE and join the Team. Limited LIFETIME WARRANTY.


This NOSSK TWIN Bodyweight Trainer is made of many US components such as US made 1st Grade Military webbing. Set-up your own Home Gym, Train for a Spartan Race or for Cross Fit with this NOSSK TWIN Pro Body Weight Trainer. No need for an Ab Roller, Free Weights or bulky workout machine. Two separate Straps allow a narrow or wide Strap set-up - perfect for dips etc. For One-Arm Exercises simply grab one Grip – No need to turn the Trainer into Single Handle Mode. The height of the Grips are easily adjusted with the 2 Cam Buckles – no need to open and close the door to re-set the height of the grips as is needed with some other systems. Get started today. We are sure you'll love it, if not return it no questions asked. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE from NOSSK, Inc. – a California, USA company.

Product Reviews

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Good product!
Written by William on Dec 19th 2023

Overall, good buy! I wish they were like a foot longer and had measurements marked out on the straps. Thanks Nossk for a great product!

Written by Jim on Nov 27th 2023

The product works very well. Very high quality!

The Twin PRO is Awesome!
Written by Al P on Nov 20th 2023

This is my third set of Twin PRO straps, and like the first two times, they are awesome. I recommend these a ton for people who exercise at home and I use mine multiple times a week. They are perfect for home workouts, and if you aren't using them, you're missing out on a really fun and effective way to get stronger!

Written by CLINTON L COPELAND JR on Nov 7th 2023

I really like the construction and simplicity of this suspension system. I also like the simple ability to adjust these fitness straps for different exercises quickly. The NOSSK Twin Pro has really been an asset to my overall fitness program. I highly recommend this suspension system.

The real thing
Written by Aurel Gergey on Jul 10th 2023

A formidable product that I fell in love with the first time I used it. It is superior to other string trainers in every way - and then it looks cooler too. A real upgrade for my workout. Thank you, Nossk!

Great Buy!
Written by Peter Borromeo on Apr 11th 2023

Absolutely A-1 quality! Fantastic price! And most important, Manufactured in USA! I recommend to anyone considering a suspension trainer!

Nossk Twin Pro Suspension - door frame fit
Written by Brian Goldstein on Oct 8th 2022

Hello Nossk, I recently purchased this suspension trainer for the ability to workout in my apartment, complementing the TRX trainer and elastic bands. I wanted a suspension trainer to isolate each arm. The item is well priced, arrived within a week, and is high quality. Unfortunately my door frame has space for the TRX but the Nossk trainer is too thick and the door cannot close. I’m still keeping it, since it’s possible I’ll be able to use it outdoors.

Nossk Twin Pro Trainer
Written by Joseph on Sep 23rd 2022

I've had the Twin Pro for a couple of years or so, fantastic...before the Twin Pro my favorite suspension trainer was the Jungle Gym XT, who would have imagined that there was a trainer that would be more compact than the XT, more sturdy, and half the price? Amazing. And the Twin Pro is much better trainer than a TRX yet it's a third the price of a TRX! I can't say enough about it. I have two Twin Pros, one goes into my suitcase when I travel, the other is always attached to my bedroom door for use. Great product!

Review of the Fitness Strap Trainer
Written by MK on Sep 13th 2022

I took a time to train with it before writing my review. Accordingly, despite I have other suspension training devices, I am really pleased with the simplicity and quality of this product by NOSSK. While NOSSK is less advertised than other brands, it makes both a simple and solid training device, Twin PRO, that can easily compete with more popular brands. Finally, I have some expertise in training and am on the heavy side. around 90 kg, so this device really fits my needs, and I can highly recommend it. The only improvement that can be made is the marks on the strap.

Highly mobile, extremely efficient
Written by Alan on Aug 9th 2022

Came highly recommended by Matt Schifferle and his Red Delta Project's Grind-Style Calisthenics program. These straps are heavy duty, heavy duty hardware and handles, d-rings/snaplinks,,,,they work great, easy and quick adjustment. Recently travelled and was able to just throw them over a tree branch outside the hotel and get to work. Great price and great customer service to boot, thank you! Everyone should own a pair and get to it every day!

Very positive
Written by Geoff on Aug 8th 2022

I've had my NOSSK Twin Pro for over a year, and expect to have it for the rest of my life. It's simple, durable, portable and it does the trick. It's the best for quality and price: What more can you ask for? This purchase is actually the second I've bought, this time it is for my nephew. My hope is that it will be a long-term tool for conditioning and a tool to develop proprioception. I do have a couple of suggestions: *I marked lengths on the straps, it would be convenient if lenghts came pre-printed on on the straps - metric please - **Offer a some kind of elastic to hold strap slack Otherwise, the no-frills is just great. Thanks :)

Well made and a joy to use!
Written by Mike on Jun 16th 2022

These suspension straps feel and perform much better than anything else I've used on the market and cost a fraction of the price! So easy to set up with many options. The lay flat strap design does not rub when doing exercises such as dips/push ups. Handle feels comfortable yet sturdy in hand. Rolls up nicely to take on the go... can't beat it. Very glad I purchased! Only (minor) gripe is that I wish there were more color options like with the Gym Trainer.

NOSSK Twin Pro Suspension Review
Written by Robert Renaud on May 25th 2022

Awesome product! The dual contact points is a game-changer! The rubber hand-grips, strap material and metal cams are of excellent material. Adjustments are quick and easy. Customer service answered all my questions quickly and professionally. My only regret is that I didn't know about them before a bought a TRX years ago! Kudos for an outstanding product!

Great trainer for a great price.
Written by Sergiy Horef on May 20th 2022

I've been using the nossk twin pro for half a year now, and so can confidently say that build quality is incredible. Moreover there are so many different ways I can use it in my exercises: leg, chest, back, hands or basically any muscle you can think of. Totally recommend.

Love it. Thanks to RedDeltaProject for the recommendation!
Written by Matthias Schulz on Jan 13th 2022

It's ergonomic. It's light. It's versatile. It's cheap. It's easy to set up. Only con: ideally, I would like to have marks on the straps (so I do not have to eyeball to get them to the same height). Matt Schifferle from the RedDeltaProject recommended these to me. I will be training with these for years most likely.

Amazing Product
Written by Katrina L Kudar on Oct 11th 2021

This is my favorite piece of equipment for my home gym. The quality is superb and the straps are so diverse. Highly recommended vendor and the product. I so LOVE it!!!

Written by Rich P on Sep 10th 2021

WOW! I am so impressed with the quality and price of the Twin Pro as well as with Nossk Customer Service! I had a few questions before making purchasing so I called the number listed and spoke with Wolfgang. He was super helpful. Not only did he take time to answer my questions but he also explained some other details I was unaware. If you are on the fence, don't be! It is a rarity these days to find quality, affordability and great customer service bundled all together!

NOSSK trainer
Written by Dave on Aug 24th 2021

This is the best suspension trainer on the market bar none. I had, and broke the well known expensive competitor’s product. The NOSSK t is superior in every way at a fraction of the cost. Fantastic purchase and highly recommended.

Twin Pro Suspension Straps
Written by Nick on Aug 15th 2021

Excellent product and am pleased with the purchase. Like every other review, I’m very impressed with the quality construction. I bought this instead of a TRX style product because the straps are separate, allowing the user to use them with wider spacing or connected at a single point.

Excellent Bodyweight Suspension trainer
Written by Simon Cusack on Jul 10th 2021

Excellently made and designed, couldn't be happier.

Well Made and Versatile
Written by Kennon Brown on Jul 1st 2021

I bought this because going to the gym feels strange after this last year. Now I work out on a tarp with a TWIN PRO mounted on a tree in my back yard. The NOSSK TWIN PRO gives me every bit as good a workout as I ever got. The trainer holds up perfectly to being mounted and taken down each day. (I am in the desert and don't want UV to shorten its usefulness). Five Stars for design and quality!!

Fantastic System
Written by Jonathan on Jun 28th 2021

Awesome setup with super high quality materials. I was worried these would be substandard given the price point. I couldn't be happier. If you want top quality suspension straps and don't want to spend a fortune then buy these. I haven't used TRX but I don't think its possible to make these of a higher quality.

Nossk Twin Pro
Written by Richard C on Jun 4th 2021

This kit is the best value on the market for suspension trainers. The materials used are top shelf, plenty of heavy duty stitching, this thing is not coming apart, it's a very robust design. The built in door anchors are genius, when I travel, I use that set up. Couldn't be easier to get your work out in. Can't be beat for the price.

Written by Loly on Apr 25th 2021

These are great. They feel like they're high quality and very strong. Smart design and easy to set up and use. Exactly what I was looking for.

I seem to like it better than TRX
Written by Deejay on Mar 7th 2021

I have both the TRX and the NOSSK. I think this product was well thought out. I like how the straps don’t dig into your forearms when doing push ups on it. The TRX kind of rubs into your outer forearms while you exercise. The straps seem good quality and the handles are sturdy. The only issue/ problem is when you put it short, the excess strap sort of gets in the way a little, but for the price, I believe it’s an excellent product.

Written by Kelly Small on Feb 23rd 2021

I could not be more pleased with my new NOSSK suspension bodyweight trainer. I am 60 years old and love the support and confidence the trainer gives me. I am watching videos and learning new ways to incorporate this NOSSK system into my daily workouts. Thank you for making such a quality product. And it's pink- what's not to love!

A killer piece of kit!
Written by Craig on Feb 21st 2021

I've had multiple suspension trainers (and rings set-ups) over the past dozen or so years. I have a lighter NOSSK single-anchor trainer that has been my go to for travel for about 5 years. It's a great tool, with a few drawbacks: the narrower straps are more of a chafing hazard than wider straps, the foot cradle was not very comfortable, and the single-anchor precluded using it in many situations.The biggest 'pro' for it was weight, it's a very small item. The Twin Pro kicks it's ass on all counts except weight - it's 30 ounces without the carabiners (I have ultra-light climbing biners I can use instead of the ones shipped) but I can't see needing them often. For a long-term travel solution (months not a week or so) the Twin Pro is fantastic. The build in door anchors allow a lot of push-up & fly options in your room that suck with a single anchor system. It's super easy to set up on a power rack or outdoor pull up bar to do dips, which for me is pretty much the place it kills the competition. The strap and handle design are WAY more comfortable to me for dips than even a rings set up. Built quality is great, not just for the price but on any level: I fully expect 10 years of 3-5x a week use out of the Twin Pro. Highly recommended. Lastly, I had a question before buying and the NOSSK customer service is as hands-on and professional as others have said. I really can't say enough about the whole operation, from design to materials to finish to service. More companies should follow NOSSK's lead and they would have more life-tie customers.

Nossk review
Written by Keith Orlowski on Feb 11th 2021

Great quality, comfortable handles, don't waste your money on TRX!!!

Written by Jimmy on Feb 8th 2021

Amazing home workout equipment. The quality and thoughtfulness of the product makes it as good as the other big name trainers at a fraction of the cost. The built in doorstop is great for home workouts and the bands are heavy duty. It wraps up into a small pouch and you could take traveling if needed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this any one who was looking for a suspension bodyweight trainer.

The best suspension trainer
Written by Dragos (Romania) on Feb 5th 2021

I’ve workout all my life and this is by far the best suspension trainer that i’ve ever used.Also great customer support from the owner. Keep up with the good work!

Awesome Piece of Equipment + AMAZING Customer Service
Written by Al Painter on Feb 2nd 2021

I first learned about NOSSK from Matt at the Red Delta Project. He recommended them highly, and he was right. If you are training at home, this is just about all you need to develop a consistent movement habit. I bought two sets of the Twin Pros so it is a lot easier to transition between exercises that require different handle heights. For the price it was a no brainer. The only thing better than the quality of the straps is the level of customer service. I've recommended the NOSSK Fitness Strap Trainers to all of my clients!

Just as good, though different, than originating brand
Written by Jesse on Jan 10th 2021

I got the originating brand version of this (if you don't know what that is, can't help you) for Christmas, and at the same time bought this. Use both of them on one anchor point for my wife and I - this set works really well, and in some ways I find it easier to adjust than the Name Brand. Highly recommend for the money!

Twin pro suspension straps
Written by Gene Kain on Jan 9th 2021

Excellent product/easy to use. Thank you

Built like a tank, does the job
Written by Chava on Nov 2nd 2020

This trainer is high quality. I have it set up in my basement on a beam and it rocks. Great quality, nice color, and nice carrying bag.

Written by Todd Man on Oct 13th 2020

Bands are great. My kids and I used them everyday. Held up well so far and very comfortable. Recommended them to all my friends. Definitely same quality as TRX at half the price.

Nossk Twin Suspension Trainer
Written by Mo on Oct 6th 2020

Perfect piece of equipment. This combined with a pull-up bar and weighted vest, you don’t need anything else.

So in love with this product!!!!
Written by Jessi Ceiri on Sep 30th 2020

I used the pro bodyweight fitness trainer with a workout group tonight. I literally opened the package for the first time to set them up 4 min before the workout. Was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to wrap them around a light post. They stayed in place for push ups and single leg squats! Can't wait to use them again. Seriously amazing!

Twin Pro Review
Written by Brian O'Neill on Sep 29th 2020

Was expecting a decent product after reading all the positive reviews, and I definitely got more than expected. Quality was great, and the handles are way better than I anticipated. Everything was ready to go straight out of the package. Was using the twin pro within 5 minutes. Will be great for home and travel. Very pleased, and would definitely recommend to anyone, especially those who are trying to find an alternative to the devices selling for almost 4 times as much as this product.

Works as expected
Written by Bruce W on Sep 21st 2020

Quality product, good price, cheap shipping. What more to ask for. Highly recommend.

NOSSK TWIN PRO Suspension Bodyweight Fitness Strap Trainer
Written by Todd on Sep 15th 2020

High quality system - couldn't be more satisfied. You can see and feel the quality construction. TRX system at a fraction of the price.

Excellent product, quick delivery
Written by cathy quon on Sep 12th 2020

Sturdy, easy to adjust, comfortable handles, reasonable price!

Fantastic training tool
Written by Emmanuel Laflamme on Sep 7th 2020

I really enjoy it. It's easy to install, well fabricated and very convenient.

Best Suspension Trainer I've Tried (Now Owned)
Written by Wesley Angel on Sep 3rd 2020

I was recommended to check out NOSSK by a mentor of mine, who I had many talks with about the lack of quality, durability, and affordability of many of the trainers of this type out on the market. It seems like there are a lot of them, but usually on opposing ends of the spectrum. Either they are really affordable (cheap) and do not last long (you get what you pay for) or they are really expensive (why?) and are complicated in set up, therefore, making it an effort to push oneself to use the device, so all of your money won't be a waste. Well, I'm super happy to report that, out of the numerous setups I've tried, this one has a great entry price, amazing quality (really, I was surprised as I am not gentle on these things, I use them as they were intended), and how easy it was to set up. Literally, I can get in a great workout, whether it be in my house (as it usually is nowadays with the pandemic), on a column near my house, or at the playground (when I can). It's just as easy to link together and toss over a tree limb. The materials are sturdy and yet, it doesn't rub the skin raw (I had this to happen on a couple of others I tried previously). The grips is the real star of the show here! They never slipped, no matter how sweaty I got. They were comfortable in my hands and allowed me to focus my attention where it was needed most, on my form and movements. It did an amazing job and I'm so glad to find a US based company putting out the kind of quality training equipment we deserve, especially since many gyms are closed. Honestly, the lightweight, portability of this ensures I never have to watch for openings and closings of a gym again! As a bonus, I can save the other, would-be, eleven months worth of fees, for just one month going toward a trainer that I can use wherever and whenever I like. Another bonus was the customer service I received when I wasn't able to complete my initial order. I messed up the numbers of my card info and called in confusion. I was shocked when the phone was answered in the middle of the 2nd ring and was promptly, and patiently helped. No snarky questions or comments, just the pleasure of doing honest business! Very rare nowadays. I'm so happy with the product and the company, I will be buying one of these for my mother and friends in the future.

Written by Jake on Aug 11th 2020

The best, and most versatile suspension trainer with a dual point anchor system that I've ever seen or used before. I absolutely love it and use it daily. High quality, well thought out design and craftsmanship. More versatile than rings. This is the suspension trainer of the future.

Ultimate Suspension - Twin Pro
Written by ROBERT ANDERSON on Aug 6th 2020

The NOSSK system is the most ideal ever for bodyweight training. I'd say you get so much more than what your paying for, And I'd also recommend this over anything out to date in this category.

Nossk Twin Po Suspension trainer
Written by Ted Strojny on Aug 4th 2020

Solid product. Well made. Great price. Fast delivery.

Written by John D'Ambrosio on Aug 3rd 2020

I’m no rookie to the fitness game. Besides years of training, two personal training certifications, 10 years of CrossFit, and 2 natural state powerlifting records, I’m a chiropractor with over a quarter of a century’s experience with a burning desire for exercise and performance. I can’t say enough about this piece of equipment! High quality, versatile, sturdy, affordable, and more! I also own the RT-17 and didn’t think it could get better than that. I regularly use both and am getting better workouts now than I was at the state-of-the-art facility I was going to before Covid shut them down. Can’t recommend it enough! I was turned onto this by Matt Schifferle of the Red Delta Project and am so glad I was! No looking back now and only moving forward with the best and most affordable home exercise equipment out there.

Professional grade product
Written by Gloria Mann on Aug 3rd 2020

The Twin Pro Bodweight system is a great addition to home workouts. It can be configured several ways to be used over the door or anchored to a post, etc. I am disappointed in the construction and material of the handles. The hard handle material is not as comfortable as foam handles and does not remain in a position that feels secure. The handles will easily rotate while trying to perform an exercise which does not provide the stability. If this wasn't a problem for me, I would rate it 5 stars.

Great quality and amazing value
Written by Christine on Jul 29th 2020

I bought both this Twin Pro and also the Jungle Gym XT to compare because they are in the same class of the two independent strap trainers. The Twin Pro product quality was head and shoulders above the Jungle Gym XT at half the cost and made in the US. The included Nossk travel bag is also a nice touch for travel. Highly recommend!

Great quality/great service
Written by Danny L on Jul 20th 2020

Great product made with quality parts. If you've tried TRX and were hoping for something similar at a much lower price, you will be very happy you chose this product. As an added bonus, when I called the number I spoke to the owner Wolfgang. As others have commented, he really is a thoughtful business owner. Great experience all round.

Written by Steve Rolfe on Jul 13th 2020

Absolutely the same quality and function as the more expensive models available. I recommend this to everyone who want suspension training straps.

Written by Gary on Jul 6th 2020

Excellent design and construction. Handles are comfortable, and straps lay flat against my arms/forearms. Easier and quicker to adjust than the TRX set-up at my gym. Fast shipping. Reasonably priced - excellent value for the money.

What A Find!! Twin Pro Trainer
Written by Tom on Jun 27th 2020

After my conversation with Wolfgang, I knew this was the product to purchase for my home gym and I am not disappointed. Seriously, a bargain. I have been doing suspension training for a couple years now, initially to assist in rehabbing a bad shoulder, now as an integral part of my routine. Shipping was quick, the product is first rate. I now have the ability to do suspension training both at my club and at home. Great find!!

Great product
Written by Richard Ow on Jun 24th 2020

This is a terrific product. It came within a couple days of ordering. The straps are very solid. The buckle to lock the strap length is very sturdy and doesn't slip. Glad to support an American company and have a great product at a fraction of the cost of TRX.

Twin Pro Trainer
Written by Joe Vendetti on Jun 21st 2020

I just have to say this is the absolute nicest suspension training device I've ever used. I was a big fan of the Lifelineusa Jungle Gym XT and I still am but I like the Twin Pro Trainer even better! The quality is great, it has all the great features I want, the price point cannot be beat and your shipping was free and super quick. Consider me a lifelong fan, thank you NOSSK.

Pro suspension Trainer
Written by Pat Conrad on Jun 20th 2020

Excellent value for a high quality product! Very versatile equipment. Thanks

Awesome quality
Written by Angela Wells on Jun 14th 2020

I absolutely love my hot pink trainer! I was surprised at what quality went into making it. Super sturdy pieces of equipment. I have already taken it on a trip. It's used in my house daily, especially since we aren't able to visit gyms. Very versatile as well.

Great product
Written by Andrea on Jun 13th 2020

I have been using the suspension trainer for about 3 weeks now and they are great quality equipment. I recommend to anyone who wants to start a workout program at home. My teenage son uses them and he loves the versatility of exercises he can do

Love this suspension trainer!
Written by Shannon on Jun 11th 2020

This is a well made suspension trainer and has exceeded my expectations. I especially like that the strap lies flat when doing presses (unlike the TRX). Easy to adjust and feels very sturdy.

NOSSK TWIN PRO Suspension Bodyweight Fitness Strap Trainer
Written by William Carpenter on Jun 9th 2020

I did the research and these suspension fitness straps were consistently in the top 5 ratings across multiple sites. Very good quality and craftsmanship. I definitely have it at the top of the list based on price, you can't touch the value you get for the price you pay. These can be hung on a door but I would recommend anchoring them to a ceiling or wall, it gives you more angles to work with in your routines. I got mine hung on 5/28/20 and have used them 6 times so far and I feel I'm getting stronger after each use. And it is also a good stretching apparatus. My Final words: The price can't be touched and quality isn't sacrificed. Way to go Wolfgang!

Great Quality Items
Written by Carl H. on Jun 9th 2020

Product is great quality. I purchased the straps as a gift for family.

Great Product! Exceptional Value!
Written by Brian Waters on May 28th 2020

I am very pleased with my purchase. This is just what I need to get me through another month of quarantine.

Excellent product
Written by Chelsea F. on May 24th 2020

I purchased the NOSSK Twin Pro suspension trainer to supplement my at-home workouts during quarantine after researching many similar suspension trainers. I'm so glad I went with this one, which is sturdy, high-quality, easy to use and store, and costs a fraction of most of the others. I really appreciate you making your products so affordable and accessible, while still delivering a such stellar quality.

noise twin strap review
Written by John Gibson on May 24th 2020

Great product! Extreme value in comparison to other similar products on the market. Would recommend this to anyone looking for he suspension training product.

High Quality for a Great Price!
Written by Kaylie on May 18th 2020

I have been using this trainer for a few weeks now and have been very pleased with the quality. The price is fabulous, and I'm always a little worried that something with a great price will feel cheap - and I don't want to skimp on items that will be holding my bodyweight! This trainer is fabulous. I have it mounted to a beam in my basement and highly recommend both the trainer and the anchor system on this site. Thanks for the free, super-fast shipping, too!

Written by Cindy on May 16th 2020

These work perfect. Ordered these and the stud hooks. Wound up not using the stud hooks, as we were just able to toss over our patio beam which also allows for more flexibility width wise. Handles are comfortable, none of us have slipped, and the straps are strong. I honestly couldn't be happier. The shipment came in less than a week.

NOSSK Twin pro suspension bodyweight trainer
Written by Stephanie on May 16th 2020

This is a very durable product and super easy to use, I have been using it in my garage doorway mostly for rows and pushups. I am very pleased with the quality!

Great value and awesome workout!
Written by Terry on May 14th 2020

Got my suspension training straps a couple of weeks ago and they are GREAT! So many different exercises available and you can adjust the intensity to your level of fitness! Must buy!

Twin trainer... and other trainers
Written by T. Lee on May 12th 2020

I have bought 8 different sets of these trainers from Wolfgang for family. I kept two for me and my wife and gave the others out to friends and family. These are ROCK SOLID suspension trainers. I abuse these things during my workouts and they never fail to perform. I highly recommend them for home workouts.

Nossk suspension straps
Written by Debbie on May 10th 2020

I don't own the TRX brand straps to compare to, but I personally saw no reason to spend more money for basically the same quality product. Not only that, I received it within a week of ordering. Before the purchase my emailed questions were quickly responded to. Don't hesitate, buy it!

NOSSK TWIN PRO Suspension Bodyweight Fitness Strap Trainer Review
Written by Joseph Kraus on May 10th 2020

I'm very happy with the trainer. I've used a TRX before (occasionally), but this is the first one I've owned. It seems to compare favorably, it has a terrific price point, and it's made in America.

Sturdy, well designed, highly effective
Written by Jz on May 6th 2020

Was trying to find suspension straps and almost spent more than twice the price on the much more well known competitor. Glad that I got these instead. Works extremely well with my pull up bar and probably my favourite piece of home gym equipment.

Very, very impressed!
Written by Chris on May 5th 2020

This is a very well designed, thought-out piece of equipment. Build-quality is exceptional. I'm so glad I came across this trainer. I love using it!

High quality
Written by Darrell Stimson on May 3rd 2020

This equipment is well made. The materials are high quality. The adjustment features work well and it is easy to change the length when changing positions. It is very easy to set up on a door frame. Without marking up the wood. I am glad that I bought this trainer strap from Nossk

Phenomenal Value
Written by Dan on Apr 25th 2020

I ordered the NOSSK RT-17 Rope Bodyweight Fitness Trainer, but was sent the Twin Pro Fitness straps by mistake. I called NOSSK to inform them of the issue and got a reply from Wolfgang Ott himself the same day. He apologized for the mix up, and said he would ship the RT-17 immediately. He said I was free to use the straps in the meantime. However, after opening the straps and seeing the supreme quality of their design and manufacture, I told him I would rather just pay him the difference in price ($14) and keep the straps. He said that was not necessary, and that I could keep the straps in lieu of being sent the Rope Trainer at no additional cost. What customer service! Having been a parachute rigger in the Navy (Aircrew Survival Equipmentman for those who know what I'm talking about), and working with and inspecting aviation emergency survival rigging and stitching that always had to be of the highest quality to ensure aircrew safety in ejection scenarios, I can say with utmost confidence that these straps are extremely well made and will likely last a long time even under stressful conditions. The straps themselves consist of high-quality webbing held together by top notch stitching. The handles feel solid, and have great texture for maintaining grip. Complimenting this is a very versatile design that allows for quick set up and easy and accurate strap length adjustment with unwavering cam buckles that do not permit any slipping once set. Overall, this is a great strap trainer set at an amazing value (even at full price) from a conscientious company that values its customers. I highly recommend these straps to anyone looking for superior quality fitness straps!

Excellent equipment
Written by Stew Gilgis on Apr 8th 2020

My Twin Pro Fitness Strap Trainer is excellent. It's just like the ones at the health clubs I've worked out at. Now I can do it at home. I highly recommend this.

NOSSK TWIN PRO Suspension Trainer
Written by Ken on Mar 7th 2020

The NOSSK TWIN PRO Suspension Trainer is a top quality product. It is well made with quality materials. - - Also, the customer service and communication from NOSSK is first rate. They are quick to respond and insure customer satisfaction.

Great quality and great service.
Written by Sean Townsend on Jul 26th 2019

This is the best price to quality ratio I've seen in a long time. The straps are extremely well built, adjust easily, and the mounting options are well thought out. Customer service is outstanding. I liked my original set so much, I bought another for my wife along with 2 sets of anchors for both my home and office. They actually called me to make sure I didn't order 2 sets of the anchors by mistake. I was so impressed they took the time to make sure my order was correct. They ship fast, and it's cheaper to buy here rather than Amazon. Buy with confidence, and also know that this is an American company and you are not dealing with a random Chinese factory.

Great product
Written by David K on Apr 23rd 2019

I am definitely impressed with this product, I feel you get a high quality suspension trainer for a really good price. It feels sturdy, adjusts easily and I like the firm rubber handles. I would definitely recommend this trainer and adding this to your training regiment.

Amazing Quality
Written by Duane Llose on Mar 12th 2019

The quality of NOSSK TWIN PRO is unbelievable. For the price, you can't beat it

Nossk Strap
Written by Kenneth Barras on Aug 4th 2018

High quality! Love this strap set. Extremely durable, and the buckles are dense. It feels good and performs very well. Extremely happy I took a chance

Best suspension trainer
Written by Lou lopez on Jun 18th 2018

I would say that for the price it's the best unit on the market,but it's the best at any price. I give it four stars!

Twin suspension trainer= fantastic for unilateral exercises
Written by Ron on Mar 17th 2018

Real great trainer for those that want that extra special challenge of challenging your core and stability with unilateral exercises like one arm rows, single arm bicep curls, power pulls, single leg lunges as well as all the exercises one can do with a single suspension trainer.